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We will try to show how a 3D printed figure can be prepared prior to primer work, with Tamiya putty. In the same manner, other products can be used. 
So we need a set of flat brusches, tamya putty, acetone, a towel, Q-tips and 2 small cups




































So, let's take a 1/35 US pilot in flight suit that did not print so good in order to show








































 Under magnification and low angled light, you can see the very tiny printing lines. You can prime and paint direct, but you may want to work this before





















You need just a drop of putty for the entire figure, and maybe one more at a later stage.






























Add sufficient acetone to get a milky mix. Use protection.





























You will have to find the in between not enough and too much. Not enough acetone an the layers of dilluted putty may be a bit thick




























Cover the figures in thin layers of the putty mixture. When the cup looks like on the picture, add acetone. Work transversaly to the printing lines so that the mixture fills the lines

































At the end, let the mixture dry a bit, but not too much (some minutes, depending to the weather). Put acetone in the second cup




























Now you will work with a larger brush, Q-tips and acetone.




























With the brush full of acetone, brush the figure perpendicular to the printing line






































The goal is to remove the excess putty from the surface and keep it inside the lines. take care not to fill the deep folds





































You can also use a q-tip deeped in acetone for this, surface smoothing is more efficient but it's easier to go too far (remove too much putty)

































Use a smaller brush with acetone to clear all details from eventual excess of putty






























If an area needs to have additional work, you can rework this area again
































So it's ready for primer. You may use other products like miliput, water-based putty, a good primer, one more layer paint, or you do not use magnifiers and do not care on this









































1/35 and 1/48, primed with surfacer 1200

 the russian on the extrem right was coated with future/klir prior to priming, the second from the right was prepared as shown previously, all 1/48 figures are directly primed without coating




























1/35 and 1/48, underlayer with Tamiya tan acrylic





























Painted with Humbrol paint and oil paints, 1/35 scale